Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teaser Concept Video

This is just a concept/storyboard idea for the beginning of our story...

More Concepts Sketches

I created these for a project I am working on with a good friend of mine. These aren't in order.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A couple of new ones

New album cover for R Cat Records and a tattoo x2.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In my recent job search activity, I created this collage as a resume cover in hopes that employers would see some of my best works immediately. Let's hope it works!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Resume Update for Fall 2008

Here are some of the latest projects I have been working on:

Click the images for a larger version.

I've had an opportunity over the last few months to donate some of my time and skills to R Cat Records from Edmonton, specializing in Soundtrack artists. Thus far there have been three different CD projects to which I have contributed graphic art, illustration, design or a combination of all three.

Sequent 7 is an Electronic Instrumental Soundtrack artist from the U.K. This art is for the album Transgression.

The second is another fellow from the U.K.
Jon Richards saw one of my concept paintings on this blog and thought it was perfect for his front cover. I created the back cover to jive with the front.

The last CD project was a really exciting one. It is a collaborative effort between R Cat Records and On Spec Magazine (a local quarterly magazine which publishes Canadian Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers). This CD includes various Soundtrack artists from the R Cat label whose music is geared towards sci-fi/fantasy movie scores. My involvement proved to be a very rewarding challenge.
The challenge was to take artwork from local digital artist James F. Beveridge and design an attractive cover without cropping the images. After a couple of so/so attempts, an idea came to me. If I were to render it properly, the idea would not only solve the problem of creating a frame to compliment the artwork on the cover (without trumping it), but also tell a story and create continuity for the whole project.

This is the 8 panel front insert on both sides. The two images on the right are the art supplied by the very talented James F. Beveridge. The rest of the design and illustrations were done by me, including the image on the left, entitled 'Monkeynaut vs. Spiderzilla'.

So when I created the frames for the supplied artwork, I thought it would be interesting to make each frame a microcosmic piece of a larger concept. Would it not be cool if each frame were connected together to form a SETI kind of trans-universal receptor, downloading images from across the galaxy?

These are the rest of the panels for the project.



Behind the disc

Disc in

I thought I'd also post 'Monkeynaut vs. Spiderzilla' for your viewing pleasure:

Besides these projects, both R Cat Records and On Spec Magazine have both used my services in other ways. R Cat required a logo. Well, that was my opinion. One day I felt inspired to create something new for the identity of the label. When I sent my idea to them, I wasn't sure how they would react, as they didn't request such a thing. The funny thing is that it was the owner of the company that had designed the original logo. As it turns out, they loved the one I had sent and are now using it.

This led to a few other things the company needed.


Business cards

Letterhead ( I have just thrown one of my cover letters in as the text)

On Spec Magazine:

As a result of the work I did for the collaborative CD, On Spec is interested in using me for a few more projects. The first is redesigning their stationery including envelopes, business cards and letterhead. There are more projects up and coming, including promotional material for the CD as well as a cover for the magazine itself.

Here are a couple of items from my work thus far with On Spec.

New On Spec Identity

Originally when I was working on the collaborative CD, I created a little one eyed alien with a stickman body as a recognizable icon for the project. As it was before with the R Cat logo, I was taking a bit of a risk putting it beside the On Spec logo. Ultimately I truly believed in this little guy (whom I now informally call Jimmy) as a viable icon for On Spec. In the end, no one told me to remove him from the CD. Jimmy has now become more than simply an icon for the CD, he has become the symbol for which On Spec can be recognized. The reason for creating this unique character is that On Spec has had some issues with being labeled strictly a Sci-Fi magazine. Truly they are (as their name states) a speculative fiction magazine. This encompasses science fiction as well as fantasy and really anything that the human mind can conceive. The one eyed alien head speaks for the sci-fi genre of the magazine. The stickman body (as if it were a cave drawing) represents the mythylogical/fantasy side of the literature.

It started as this:

Then the icon evolved...

Business Cards



I am currently in the production stage for the remainder of the On Spec stationery.

As a side, here is another idea I had for the On Spec envelopes:

To conclude this post, I'd like to say how excited I am to have had the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects with some very interesting people. I'd like to thank Colin Lynch from R Cat Records and Diane Walton from On Spec Magazine for giving me these amazing opportunities.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


As an illustrator I have more than a dozen children’s books in circulation. I also wrote, designed, produced and mocked-up many of those. In addition, I have created a number of independent illustrations for clients in both the print and web industries. Furthermore, I spent quite a lot of time in stationary, working on gift bags, greeting cards and other related items.

Selection of Client Based Illustrations